Flight Rising

Flight Rising is a browser game where you care for dragons. You can breed them, train them to fight monsters, and dress them up. I have been playing for a few months now and I really enjoy it!


This offspring color predictor has been useful.


Fandragons are, well, basically what they sound like: a dragon inspired by something you're a fan of! I usually see fandragons that are based off of fictional characters. I have a few of them, and so far, I'm most proud of my Eurydice fandragon! Here are some fandragons I would like to have in the future.

Astral, from the anime Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL. The Circuit tertiary mimics the markings on his body in a fun way.

Species Skydancer Male
Gene 1 Iridescent, Pistachio
Gene 2 Shimmer, Robin
Gene 3 Circuit, Spearmint

Nine, from the webcomic Beware the Villainess! I think Gaoler is fitting for a werewolf like Nine.

Species Gaoler Male
Gene 1 Fade, Splash
Gene 2 Blend, Robin
Gene 3 Runes, Blush

Orpheus, from the video game Hades. I could make him a few different ways, but here's one.

Species Tundra Male
Gene 1 Falcon, Peacock
Gene 2 Peregrine, Peacock
Gene 3 Stained, Hunter

Red, from the video game Transistor. I see the spine of the world / I know it's mine / twisted and tied

Species Spiral Male (I like the pose better)
Gene 1 Python, Amber
Gene 2 Blend, Ruby
Gene 3 Circuit, Mint

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