Hades is a roguelite made by Supergiant Games, released officially in 2020. It follows Zagreus, son of Hades, on his journey to escape the ancient Greek Underworld. Along the way, he fights monsters, makes friends, and gets to know his Olympian relatives.

This series of pages is about the NPC Orpheus. He is not a very popular character in the Hades fandom, but I enjoy him a lot, and I wanted to have a little place for him here.

Here is his Codex entry from the game, penned by Achilles:

'...No one sings a sweeter, sadder song than Orpheus, who, if I'm to understand correctly, is among the only mortals who once ventured down into the Underworld, and returned to tell the tale. He now resides among us permanently, ever mournful of what could have been. The Master seems to take some pity on him, though, or simply likes his songs; he serves as court musician in the House. I empathize with his desire for reunion with the shade of one he's loved and lost. But, sometimes, I fear that Orpheus seems to have lost more than his love. I pray that he shall find his muse eventually. For if he cannot... if someone who once had such fiery resolve could be brought so low, become so utterly resigned in death... what hope do any of us have? The consolation of eternity is knowing we all can resolve our problems, given enough time and effort. But the terror of it is knowing we cannot escape those problems, either.'