Fic Recs

Where You Live, by stygius

Orpheus/Eurydice, 758 words, completed. Rating: Gen

"We're each other's home, and when you leave you'll take me with you." Inside his dead chest, flowers blossom: poppies and marigolds and plums like those that adorn her hair this season, weaving through her braids. Branches burrow in the deepest crevices of himself and endure despite the unending darkness around. That is what love means. "I'm with you, even when you can't see me. You know that by now, don't you?"

I don't even know what to say. This is the fic ever. I love the imagery.

A Thousand Reunions, by arysthaeniru

Orpheus/Eurydice, 9879 words, completed. Rating: Teen

Eurydice is still adjusting to this new Orpheus, with his matted hair, and soulful expression. Good thing she has an eternity to figure it out.

It’s strange, to be at the lead with Orpheus, but Eurydice’s never been one to be thrown off by change, and she strides forward. It’s nice, somewhat. She’d always been the harmony to Orpheus’s melodies in life. To find something new in death—she hadn’t thought it’d be possible.

This fic explores Orpheus and Eurydice's life when they were alive, and how they've changed since then. As it says in the fic tags, "it's about learning to love the new parts of each other." I'm a big fan of the characterizations in this one.